Ashton Nyte - The Slender Nudes (CD)


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The first solo album by Ashton Nyte seamlessly blends T-Rex / Ziggy era Glam Rock with 80's-induced synthpop. The album ranked 14th on the Top Albums of 2000 in South Africa, with single "Hunting" charting at #9 on the Top Songs of 2000 list and "Glam Vamp Baby" charting at #14 on the International Top 40 on 5fm.

Includes the singles, "Glam Vamp Baby", "Need For Air" and "Hunting".

Packaged in Jewel Case with 16pg booklet.

1 Glam Vamp Baby
2 Selling Skin
3 Obscene
4 Need For Air
5 Too Young
6 Hunting
7 Fashion Forgot
8 Noisecolour
9 Electric Man
10 Lilly's World
11 Girlie